4th Annual Thanks Giving & Christmas Carols 2015

Thanksgiving session is the highlight of our event calendar for the year, because it is where GBR members gather to thank God for a successful year, successful roundtable sessions, growth of the GBR in every nation and every roundtable and thank God for His provision for GBR roundtables. We also thank God for the opportunities that He presented for GBR and GFFC, and also to members of GBR in their businesses in their professions in their ministries and in their families. Members also exchanged gifts, bearing gifts for a person they knew and someone they did not. After the fellowship over a lunch the year was duly closed.


Every year the Global Business Roundtable hosts its Thanksgiving Ceremony. It is an opportunity to gather together as the body of Christ, reflect on all God’s unending mercies and to give thanks for His undeserved grace.

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