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GBR's Thanksgiving and NGO Awards to discover the top Start-Ups and Non-Profit Organisations across the continent. The awards recognise and reward future leaders and visionaries across different sectors, who all dedicate their time and resources to impact change.

Overview:The Global Fund For Jesus (GFFJ) is a Johannesburg, South Africa-based global organization and universal platform that works to bring the Kingdom of God on earth by focusing on alleviation of global and social justice issues through resource mobilization and program implementation networks, partnerships and strategic alliances aimed to address poverty and uplift vulnerable and disadvantaged populations through education, health, food security, job creation, economic empowerment and entrepreneurship projects.

Problem Statement: The State of Nations globally is marked by stark health, education and development inequalities, post COVID-19 economic recession, rising infectious and chronic disease mortality, growing unemployment and poverty levels, and rampant government inefficiencies, fraud and corruption in all strata of society, thus negatively impacting the health status and wellbeing of children, families, communities and populations worldwide. 

Strategic Solution: The existing human development inequalities and economic injustices must be addressed through concerted public, private and non-profit sector efforts to create wealth and economic empowerment among the poor, increase the influence of Christians in all mountains and sectors of society, and show compassion to the less fortunate and vulnerable populations around the world. GFFJ, therefore, invites NGOs world wide to submit creative proposals to initiate, strengthen, complement, expand and/or innovate their programs, projects and services with up to R100,000.00 in cash or other forms of donations or gift-in-kind per NGO, for a total of R2,000,000.00 to be distributed among 20 NGOs sharing the same passion as GFFJ for the poorest of the poor. 

“Thank you for your applications/submissions for the NGO Grants Awards for 2021.

Successful NGO’s will be notified on or about the 13th of November 2021.”


Every year the Global Business Roundtable hosts its Thanksgiving Ceremony. It is an opportunity to gather together as the body of Christ, reflect on all God’s unending mercies and to give thanks for His undeserved grace.

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